How to get Elected to the Board of Directors of Your HOA

If you want to get elected to the board of directors of your homeowner association, we suggest that you follow the guidelines that follow. Members of homeowner associations generally want to elect neighbors who are objective, reasonable, knowledgeable, and informed to represent them on their HOA board.

If you follow these guidelines, you will substantially increase your chances of being elected to your association’s board of directors:

  • Regularly attend your association’s board meetings. You will become informed and visible. Ask questions during the open meeting sessions and make appropriate comments and suggestions. Be professional and polite at all times. Do not develop the reputation of being a gadfly.
  • Read the Davis - Stirling Act which can be found on this website. This will provide you with knowledge that you will need as a director.
  • Read your association’s governing documents which include the Bylaws, Operating Rules and CC&Rs. These will provide you with knowledge that you will need as a director.
  • Read your association’s contract with the property management company and any other existing contracts so that you are fully informed about the rights and duties of all parties.
  • Meet your neighbors at every opportunity. Let them know that you have an interest in running for the board. Develop the reputation for being caring, concerned, and reasonable.
  • Be absolutely certain to pay your assessments on time and to obey all rules of the association.
  • Be certain to use the association’s nomination form and any candidates’ forum as a way to convey your qualifications, objectivity, sincerity, and overall relevant knowledge to the membership. Most importantly, you must explain why you want to be on the board.
  • Send a short solicitation letter to every member of the association, about the time ballots are mailed to the membership, requesting that they vote for you. Provide the membership with the information on your nomination form. Explain why you want to be on the board. Include a copy of your signed Pledge by Nominee with your letter. The pledge can be found within these articles.
    • Any failure to collect delinquent assessments;
    • The condition of the common areas;
    • Any failure to produce an adequate budget, resulting in special assessments;
    • The overall quality of your association’s management, including the property management company’s performance;
    • Any failure to obtain reserve studies in accordance with the law, resulting in inadequate reserves and special assessments;
    • Any failure to hold elections as required by law;
    • Any CC&R or Rules violations by members of the board or others; and
    • Any failure by a board member to pay his or her assessments on time.


If you follow the guidelines set forth above, your chances of success will increase substantially. If you are not elected the first time, don’t be discouraged. Success comes to those who persevere.

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