Articles and Forms for HOA Boards

The following articles were written by Michael Chulak from January 2020 to the current date to supplement our frequently asked questions section of this website and to assist HOA boards govern their associations in accordance with California law:


Reserve Studies Required – Reserve Funds

Borrowing from Reserves

Is Your HOA Protected from Fraud and Embezzlement?

Automatic Bill Payments vs. ACH

Why Homeowner Associations Get into Trouble

Reasonable Accommodations

Unincorporated Associations

Reasons to Incorporate Your HOA

Has Your HOA Been Suspended?

Waiving of Late Fees by Board Members

Late Charges - Homeowner Associations

Posting of Assessments - Date Received vs. Date of Deposit

Why You Should Run For Election to the Board of Directors of Your HOA

How to Get Elected to the Board of Directors of Your HOA

Budgets for Homeowner Associations

HOA Fund Accounting

Budget Required

Timeline for HOA Budgets

Assessment Limitations – 20%

Special Assessment Limitations

Delinquent Assessments – Board Members

Independent Insurance Brokers vs. Captive Agents

Insurance Coverage Options

HOAs-Say Goodbye to Independent Contractors

Workers' Compensation Insurance Required by Homeowner Associations

Loss Assessment Coverage for Condominium Owners

Renters Insurance – Why it is Necessary

Disclosures to Prospective Purchasers by Owners

Reasons Lenders Reject Loan Applications from Condominium Owners and Buyers

Freddie Mac - Conventional Mortgage Loans

Fannie Mae Insurance Guidelines

FHA Streamline Refinance

VA Streamline Refinance

FHA Certification of Condominium Associations

Dogs and HOA Insurance

Religious Items on Doors and Door Frames

Homeowner Association Security

Summary of Reserve Study Laws

FAQ About Reserve Studies

Consequences of Failing to Obtain Reserve Studies

Are Reserve Studies Required by FHA?

Before You Decide on Self-Management - Read This

HOA Self Management - Does it Make Sense?

How Much Does Self-Management Save?

Homeowner Association Insurance - What you need to know

Duties of an HOA Treasurer - Chief Financial Officer

Bankruptcy of a Unit Owner

Duty to Review Association Finances

Community Association or Homeowner Association?

HOA Abbreviations and Acronyms

Real Estate Signs

Political Signs

Occupancy Restrictions

Escrow Services Provided by Management Companies

Escrow Holder - Functions

Glossary of Escrow Terms

What is an Escrow Demand Letter for an HOA?

Escrows in California

Reasons to Amend or Restate Your Association's CC&Rs

Community Association or Homeowner Association? What is the Difference?

Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

List of Taxes Americans Pay Each Year

IRS and FTB Audit Targets

U.S. Federal Progressive Tax Structure

Board Resolution and Minutes to Close Bank Account

Board Resolution and Minutes to Add Bank Account Signers

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